Information about the extra measures we have taken to prevent Corona/Covid19-infection between our guests.

1. Employees
The cleaning staff disinfects and cleans the house.
We ask you to keep the necessary distance from the staff.
Keys will also be disinfected.

2. Hand gel
There is hand gel in the hall, in each bathroom and in the kitchen. Please remember to wash your hands every time you arrive at the place, after using the bathroom, BEFORE using the kitchen and after handling coins.

3. Shared shower and toilet
There are cleaning wipes in the bathroom and we recommend that guests wipe the toilet, faucet, soap pump, shower cubicle and door handle after use.

4. Towels
Towels for wiping hands are removed. Instead, there is paper to dry hands on.
Bath towels should no longer be hung in the bathroom but brought in the room.

5. Distance
By the way, keep the necessary distance to other guests, cough in your sleeve and wash your hands often.

Thank you in advance for helping not to spread infection at our place 😊

Best regards